Guidelines for Chairs of Normal/Special Sessions

Before the Session

  • Kindly read in advance the Abstracts of all the speakers that have presentations in the session you are chairing before coming to the conference. Your prior knowledge about the paper will certainly help you to have a meaningful discussion. Q2016 Admin will email you the Abstracts of your session 1 to 2 weeks prior to the conference.
  • Think about a general introduction to the session. Please do not assume that everyone is familiar with the topic already. The initial opening of the session by the chair should briefly and clearly introduce the framework, reminding the speakers of this and the role of their presentations.
  • Based on the abstracts content it would be convenience to think about some questions or topics beforehand to be discussed in case no one has any.
  • You may decide and announce the method you will use to notify them when they are 2-minute near the end of their presentation and how you will interrupt them if they have reached the end of their allotted time.
  • You are kindly expected to check the Conference Schedule and be clear about the exact date, time, venue and room of the session that you are chairing
  • Please be available in your designated room at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your session.

During the Session

  • Ensure that the participants in your session list as presenters / speakers, are present in the room.
  • Announce that the time allotted to each paper is of 12 minute. Inform that Questions will be taken at the end of the session, together with a discussion.
  • Remind the speakers to silence or switch off their mobile phones.
  • Briefly introduce yourself, welcome the participants to your session and announce that you will be Chairing this session. Continue with the introduction to the session.
  • Make any announcements that you have been given by the programme representative.
  • While inviting participants to present a paper, announce their full names, affiliation and the title of the paper. You may refer to the Conference Programme Brochure that is available in everyone’s Conference Kit.
  • Ensure that each participant starts on time and ends on time. It is the responsibility of the Session Chair that the Session finishes on time. You should warn the presenters when they are 2-minute near the end of their talk.
  • If a speaker isn’t present at the beginning of the session, it’s your prerogative as a session chair to reallocate her/his presentation.
  • Please contact the Conference Assistance immediately if you face any problem.
  • The Chair, not the speaker, conducts the discussion. During discussions, ask participants to identify themselves and speak audibly so the audience can hear the questions as well as the replies.
  • As an expert, you may share your views, reflections, observations and comments on the presentation as per the time available.
  • To maintain the schedule, it may be necessary to suggest that the discussion be continued in private, once the session has ended.
  • Close the session with a summary or closing remarks. It may be a courtesy to allow the speakers to have a final optional minute each.